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Advertising in Telegram is now much easier, more efficient and safer.

Promote your product in Telegram

Start advertising on telegram channels just in a few clicks.

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Connect your channel or bot and start earning!

Work with our Telegram-bot

You can use our bot as well as the site to manage your advertising, channels and profile.


For advertisers

For channel owners
Ви платите тільки за кліки унікальних користувачів.
No risk of fraud. Payment passes through the payment system LiqPay.
A single price for placement on all channels.

For channel owners

Lack of competition
Ads are published with the same priority on all channels.
Stable income
No channel is idle without advertising.
Full automation
Ads are automatically placed, saving you time.

How It Works?

The principle of operation is similar to Google Ads, but instead of sites - Telegram channels.

On which channels will my ad be placed?

Your ad will be placed on channels with relevant topics and language, which you can change in the settings for placing your ad.

You can also track which channels your ad is on and how many users have clicked from each channel.

How do I pay?

Payment is made through the payment system LiqPay. You can purchase clicks in Telegram Bot's menu, or in your account on the site.

How ads are published on channels?

On each channel, only one advertisement is published. The advertising message can change, so different ads can be placed at different times.

The new advertising message will be published not earlier than 24 hours after the publication of the previous one, after which the old one will be deleted. Advertising messages are published in silent mode, subscribers of the channel will not receive notifications about them.

How do channel owners earn?

The earnings from each advertisement are divided between the owners of the channels on which this ad was placed, relative to the number of clicks of users from each channel. The withdrawal of funds can be made in the profile on the site or in the Bot menu in Telegram.


100 Clicks
6.99 USD
300 Clicks
19.99 USD
21 USD
500 Clicks
32.99 USD
35 USD
Middle x10
3000 Clicks
189.99 USD
210 USD
Senior x10
5000 Clicks
309.99 USD
350 USD

Prices for 100 clicks on other advertising sites:

Google Ads: $9.00 - $15.00

Instagram & Facebook: $8.00 - $14.00

Telegram-channels' Revenue

Revenue for every 1000 clicks:


registered users
adverts created
completed advertising campaigns
total audience of connected channels
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connected bots
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(USD) were earned by the owners of channels and bots